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With Best Firm Certification, you can effortlessly delve into the minds of your employees, unveil invaluable perspectives, and gain distinguished acclaim for fostering an exceptional company culture.

Our Certifications

Best Firm for Data Scientists

World's Biggest Data Science Workplace Recognition Program​

Best Firm for Women in Tech

Companies Championing Diversity and Empowering Women in the Tech Space

Best Firm for AI Engineers

The Best Firm for AI Engineers certification recognizes companies that excel in fostering an innovative and supportive environment for AI professionals to thrive and contribute to the advancement of artificial intelligence.

Best Firm for Data Engineers

The Best Firm for Data Engineers certification is awarded to companies leading in providing an empowering and growth-oriented workplace for data engineering talents, enhancing their ability to innovate and impact the data landscape.

Why Get Certified

“Best Firm” surveys your data scientists or prospective employees to uncover actionable insights and get recognized for your great company culture.

Biggest Tech & AI workplace Recognition Program

Companies are recognizing the importance of data science by introducing a groundbreaking workplace Recognition Program, empowering employees to be their most innovative selves and shape the future.

Attract the Best People

Being a Best Firm for Data Scientists is an invaluable asset, allowing businesses to recruit top talent and keep their staff highly engaged. A culture of trust also helps foster loyalty within teams - boosting retention rates even further.

Increase Brand Awareness

Creating an admirable reputation for your firm as one that looks out for its employees will gain the loyalty of staff and bring customers, giving a boost to both branding endeavors and business goals. Becoming certified is how you can demonstrate this commitment and flex growth potential simultaneously.

50 Best Firms For Data Scientists To Work For 2023

Our Annual report that ranks firms based on how well suited a company’s policies are for their employees.

Top Brands that Choose Best Firm Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Best Firm Certification is a prestigious recognition program designed to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in AI and tech workplaces. It enables organizations to delve into their employees’ perceptions, uncover actionable insights, and gain distinguished acclaim for fostering an exceptional company culture. This certification is awarded to companies that excel in creating a supportive and innovative environment for their employees, particularly data scientists and women in tech.
Companies interested in applying for the Best Firm Certification can submit their application through the designated “Submit Application” section on the certification webpage. The application process involves providing detailed information about your company’s culture, practices, and policies that support data scientists, women in tech, and overall employee engagement and innovation. Following the submission, there might be a review process involving surveys and assessments to evaluate your company’s eligibility for the certification.
Becoming a Best Firm Certified company brings numerous benefits, including the ability to attract top talent by showcasing your commitment to fostering a great company culture. It increases brand awareness and loyalty among both employees and customers, improving retention rates and boosting business goals. The certification also positions your company as a leader in tech and AI, highlighting your dedication to innovation and diversity in the workplace.
Top brands such as Rakuten, Diggibyte Technologies, Wipro, MiQ, Hansa Cequity, and have been certified as Best Firms for their exceptional workplace culture. These companies have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to data science, diversity, and inclusion, demonstrating their commitment to providing excellent environments for their employees to thrive.
The certification process involves a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s workplace culture and policies. This includes surveys of data scientists or prospective employees to gather insights into the company’s environment and practices. The aim is to uncover areas where the company excels and identify opportunities for further improvement. Companies that meet the high standards set by the certification body are then awarded the Best Firm Certification, recognizing their excellence in creating a supportive and innovative workplace.

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